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Friday, November 18, 2005

Episode 1: Entourage--The Pilot

The series begins just as Vince's new movie Head On, costarring Jessica Alba, is premiering. Of course, Vince brings his entourage-- E, Turtle, and Drama-- along to the movie premier. While E concentrates on business, Turtle concentrates on finding girls and finding E a "revenge f***" because he has just broken up with his girlfriend, Kristen. Of course, Turtle find a bunch of irls to bring back to the house by letting them know who his best friend is (Vince).

The next day Vince meets with another director, and they offer him $4 million dollars to do another movie; that he hasn't read the script for (Matawan). They all talk about and contemplate whether he should take the offer while hitting golf balls off the roof into the hills of Hollywood-- then they move into the indoor basketball court.

That same day, Turtle decided to go out on his own and get Vince a guard dog, that they can't even take out of the cage. So, Vince decides he wants to see the dog "in action" and they strap Turtle in Hockey pads and let the dog attack him just for a good laugh.

That night, E meets with Vince's Agent, Ari, played by Jeremy Piven, to talk about Vince's future in movies. Ari ends up insulting E about his previous employment as a manager at Sbarros. So, E walks out on Ari, and leaves him with the check. E comes home and Vince that he thinks the script sucks and that he shouldn't do the movie. The take out the bong, smoke a little, and Vince agrees.

The next day, just before they leave for Vegas, Ari calls Vince to tell him that Colin Farrell has taken the part in Matawan-- not good.

Celebrity Cameos: Mark Wahlberg, Ali Larter (the girl in the whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Character Bio- Jeremy Piven (Ari)

Born in Manhattan and raised in Evanston, Illinois, he is an alumnus of the Piven Theatre Workshop founded by his parents, Byrne and Joyce Hiller Piven. As a result, he was once a Chicago stage actor.
Jeremy Piven has been friends with actor John Cusack since childhood, has shared an apartment with him, and has even acted alongside Cusack in several movies such as Grosse Point Blank, Say Anything, and Serendipity
just to name a few.
In my mind, Piven is most memorable for his role in PCU as James "Droz" Andrews, the super-super-senior/party-animal of "Politically Correct University".
Today he plays talent agent, Ari Goldberg, in the series Entourage. This high power agent is ruthless, relentless, and is ALWAYS at the top of his game. A frequent name-dropper, Ari is well known throughout the industry, and his clients know that even though he may be tough to work with, there may be no better agent in the industry.
Although its hard to pick a favorite, I would have to say that his character, Ari, is my favorite on the show. His quick and witty one-liners and insults are ingenious.

Character Bio- Kevin Connolly (Eric)

Kevin Connolly is a young actor who has proved himself in both comedic and dramatic roles. He is quickly rising in popularity and stardom, and is currently dating Nicky Hilton.

Connolly became a familiar presence as, 'Ryan Malloy', on the 1995 TV Series "Unhappily Ever After". He has also had several other roles in throughout the 1990's in movies such as: The Beverly Hillbillies, Angus, John Q, Antwone Fisher, Rocky V, and several others. Most recently he had a role in Nick Cassavetes' The Notebook aside actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Character Bio- Adrian Grenier (Vince)

Adrian Grenier was born in 1976, and grew up in Brooklyn. He attended Manhattan's prestigious LaGuardia High School for Music & Art and the Performing Arts; and then went to Bard College. While studying at Bard College, Grenier, earned the lead role in the independent film, The Adventures of Sebastian Cole (1998). His success in the film, slated him as an actor to watch among his peers and critics. It also led to several other lead and supporting roles in movies such as the independent film, Arresting Gena, director Woody Allen's, Celebrity, Drive Me Crazy, A.I, Hart's War and Anything Else.

Not only does Grenier involve himself in acting in movies and tv series, but he has also directed and produced a movie in 2002, called A Shot in the Dark.

All these acting accomplishments aside, Grenier has several other talents and interests as well. He speaks two languages other than English; German and French. He also plays several instruments: piano, guitar, french horn, and drums. And, he happens to the the lead singer in a band 'Kid Friendly' and the drummer of a band called 'The Honey Brothers'. In 1999 he ran in the Boston Marathon. He also has previously lived in Japan for 3 years.

Currently, he is playing Vincent Chase, as the star of the hbo original series, Entourage.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Why Entourage is my favorite show...

Entourage is my favorite show for tons of reasons. The first being its ability to intrigue several different audience types. In my opinion, HBO has always come out with great original series; Sex and the City, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, etc. are all great shows. However, none of them touch as wide an audience as Entourage does. I have been able to watch it with my girlfriends, my guy friends, my parents, and even the 50 and 60 year old men in the office that I worked with would come in Monday mornings ready to discuss last night's episode. Both males and females are able to appreciate the dreamer's reality that Vince, E, Turtle, and Drama are living.

I am also fascinated at the way the show is so up-to-date with news and media that is part of our life. Whether it be the hot new music featured in the show, or mention of the Hollywood gossip we all love to read about in magazines, it seems that Entourage isn't just a TV series, but a reality series of a couple of guys trying to make it over in tinsel- town right now.

I truly love Entourage and can hands down call it my favorite show... ever. For those of you who have yet to become avid watchers of the show, I strongly suggest either watching an episode on HBO OnDemand, or rent the first season at your local Blockbuster. I promise, you will love it.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

About the show...

Entourage is an HBO Original Series in its second season. The Executive producer of the show is Mark Wahlberg; Who many may remember from the movie "Fear", or from the singing group: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

The show stars Adrian Grenier as upcoming actor "Vincent Chase" or "Vince" as he is most commonly referred to. Kevin Connolly plays Vince's best friend and manager, "Eric", also known as "E". Vince's half- brother, "Johnny Drama", is played by Kevin Dillon; real-life brother of the famous actor, Matt Dillon. Vince's other best friend, "Turtle", is played by Jerry Ferrara. Together, E, Turtle, and Drama make up Vincent Chase's entourage. Vince's agent is played by Jeremy Piven; who many people remember from movies such as: "PCU" and "Old School".

The group of friends are originally from Queens, New York, but came to Hollywood to pursue Vince's acting career. Drama is also pursuinig a career in acting but is currently a struggling actor trying to get back in the game. His big hit in Hollywood was a starring role in the fictional series "Viking Quest". E, decided to tag along to Hollywood to manage Vince's career, and Turtle has taken the role of "driver" (Turtle really doesn't have a job).